Sunday, August 3, 2008

100 Things About Me

1. I can be a huge procrastinator.
2. Particularly if I feel a task might be difficult.
3. Or I don’t have enough time to do it “perfectly.”
4. Which would also make me a perfectionist, I guess.
5. But back to the procrastination. Case in point: this post.
6. It was supposed to be my 100th. It’s actually my 109th.
7. My tendency to procrastinate is one reason I love deadlines.
8. I’ve worked as a magazine editor, feature writer, freelance writer and public relations manager.
9. Although I didn’t start off on that path.
10. My parents felt my creativity should be channeled into a career where I could earn – you know – a real paycheck.
11. I began my freshman year of college in an honors economics program.
12. I had never taken an economics class in my life.
13. It was my written essay that got me into the program.
14. After one semester of econ, I realized I’d rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable.
15. I switched my major to English/journalism.
16. I left college after my sophomore year to work as an editor and finish my degree at night.
17. It was a great experience that allowed me to see the practical application of my education.
18. I met my husband when I was 20.
19. He was 30.
20. He didn’t know I was underage when he asked me out.
21. After he found out, he would call ahead to bars and tell them that he was bringing his girlfriend, she was underage, and she would not drink.
22. They never said no and I never drank.
23. We were engaged within 6 months of meeting each other.
24. We were married 6 months after that.
25. We’ve been married for 13 years.
26. We have three kids.
27. No, I don’t know if we’re done yet.
28. Yes, I realize I’d have to change the name of my blog.
29. I have a very low tolerance for pain.
30. When I was pregnant with my first, I had a friend convince me that natural childbirth was the way to go.
31. I religiously attended Bradley Method classes and dragged my husband along with me.
32. I even had a doula lined up for the birth.
33. The doctor discovered she was breech at 38 weeks.
34. I had to have a c-section.
35. God so knew what He was doing there.
36. I could never have withstood contractions.
37. I cried when they put the IV in.
38. I’ve had all three of our kids by c-section.
39. I’ve nursed all three for over a year.
40. “The Girls” reflect that fact.
41. I toy with the idea of a boob job, but I’m too big of a chicken.
42. I’m pretty sure it would involve an IV.
43. I am terrified of bugs.
44. Spiders, in particular, seem to know this and descend on me whenever possible.
45. I hate swallowing pills.
46. I love scrapbooking.
47. But since I discovered blogging, I've fallen a little behind on my albums.
48. I’m a morning person.
49. I used to teach aerobics classes at 6 a.m.
50. After 8:30 p.m., I’m really not that much fun to talk to.
51. I hate talking on the phone.
52. I agonize over most decisions.
53. I’m probably the only woman on earth who does not enjoy buying shoes.
54. Clothes, on the other hand, are a totally different story.
55. I have a Banana Republic addiction that I’m seeking help for.
56. My favorite TV show: What Not to Wear
57. Followed closely by: The Next Food Network Star
58. I’ve always wanted to have a cooking show of my own.
59. But I don’t consider myself a good cook.
60. I’m a good recipe follower.
61. There is a difference.
62. I love to read.
63. I’ve started turning the TV off and reading more.
64. My all-time favorite book is Jane Eyre.
65. I also love Rebecca, Memoirs of a Geisha and Redeeming Love.
66. I learned to snow ski and water ski in my 20s.
67. My husband loves to do both, and you either keep up or get left behind.
68. So, I do my best to keep up.
69. I love playing tennis.
70. Although it’s been a while since I’ve picked up a racket.
71. We live near a lake.
72. But I'm not really a strong swimmer.
73. However, I’m making sure my kids are.
74. Before kids, my husband and I lived in England for a year.
75. London is my favorite city in the world.
76. Sometimes I dream of retiring to the English countryside.
77. We visited eight different countries in Europe and Asia while living overseas.
78. I was born in New York and lived there for the first nine years of my life.
79. At one time, I had a very thick New York accent.
80. It has since been replaced with a Midwestern accent that sports an occasional Southern twang.
81. I love sweet tea.
82. I can’t sing, but wish I could.
83. I once joined a group called “Voices Anonymous,” for people who find themselves in that very predicament.
84. I've held real estate licenses in Michigan and Georgia.
85. Truth be told, I’m not much for pets.
86. We had a dog and, while I loved her like crazy, I’m not really in favor of getting another one.
87. I went to the very first Lollapalooza.
88. I don’t have a favorite color. I like them all.
89. I can be pretty naïve.
90. I once stopped drinking milk because someone told me milk production makes cows “lose their moo.”
91. I’m also a sucker for beauty products that promise to “reverse the signs of aging.”
92. I always know when I’m getting sick because my teeth get itchy.
93. I love Thai food.
94. And a good glass of Chardonnay.
95. I’m not a red wine kind of gal.
96. I never thought I’d be the kind of mom to drive a mini van.
97. We upgraded to a Honda Odyssey last year.
98. I will happily drive it until I die.
99. I'm a “weak” extrovert. I love meeting new people, but after a few hours, I need time to myself.
100. It took me more time to procrastinate writing this list than to sit down and actually write it.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

This was so fun to read! I am so with you on the procrastinator/perfectionist thing...I call myself a lazy perfectionist, because if I can't do it perfectly, then I just put it off. :) I would love to hear your accent now, since it is probably an excellent mix of all of the places that you have lived.
And my hubby is also 10 years older than me. :)

Loved getting to know you better!

Sam said...

that was a very well crafted and funny list!! Cows definitely lose their moo!! ;-) but that's not going to stop me cos I love cold milk!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this was fun!! Like a "This is Your Life!" Brought back lots of memories . . . I remember how set you were on natural childbirth. :) Even BEFORE I had my kids, I knew you were crazy. Not that EVERYONE is crazy to do it, but I knew that YOU were crazy to attempt! :) hee hee!

oops -- I can't remember my google account right now, so I'll sign off as

A. nonymous

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

I loved reading this!

I was a journalism major too. I also can be somewhat of a procrastinating perfectionist.

Oh, and I once believed that you would grow wings when you got the chicken pox.

Soliloquy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your list! Love it!

Sure would like to see London and the English countryside someday.

I hate talking on the phone too! I only just discovered this about myself.

Morning person?? Really??? Here I thought we had this great thing going.....

#41. You can do it.

Darcie said...

Yay! I love your list.

30. Your friend lied.
35. God is good!
41. Soliloquy is right. Maybe.
52. Me and you both!
53. Nope, I'm right there with ya.
81, 85, 89. Ditto.

Very fun. And late or not, your 100 things was great!

mah-meeee said...

awesome post! now i know so much more about you... and realized that you're my long lost sister.

Anonymous said...

Loved the list! I had my very own Golden Ticket to Lollapalooza, but I was hit by a car (I'm being serious) and so I couldn't go. Sure, I lived, but I never got to see Eddie Vedder.

Kellie said...

I love reading 100 posts. It such a fun way to get to know bloggers better!

So interesting to hear about your life B.C. (before children!)

heather said...

How funny, and how much more alike are we than I ever knew!

Rachel said...

#90 made me laugh out loud (the cow one).

And I identify mightily with #1 and #99.

Fun to read.

Vanessa said...

Looking forward to meeting you this weekend.

Cookie Cawthon said...

AHHHHHH! I can't wait to meet you! I am a former English teacher who hates to talk on the phone, loves to procrastinate, gags when I take pills, is a perfectionist, loves Memoirs and Redeeming Love, is not a strong swimmer, loved London on my brief visit, and lives as a weak extravert (my most recent post was about that very thing).

So enjoyed your list!

Karen said...

Great list--I can relate to sooooo many of these!