Thursday, April 10, 2008

And to think, I thought I had nothing to write about today...

Our family has been -- dare I say it? -- relatively healthy this winter. I know some have been hit hard with ailments of every kind. We had a run with the flu back in December and that was miserable. Josh had roseola in January. But, other than those few instances and a couple stray colds, we haven't been doing too badly. In fact, for the last six weeks, the kids have been eerily healthy. I've been incredibly grateful for this, scared to mention this fact to anyone lest it cause the situation to change, and in the back of my mind, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Jillian's teacher called this morning.
Could you come pick Jilly up?
One eye is looking "smaller" than the other.
It's a little goopy.
A little red.
We think it might be pink eye.

Now while we've managed to avoid a lot of rampant viral infections, this will be the fifth case of pink eye we've had this winter. That's got to be a record. Prior to today, Jilly has had two cases of pink eye. I had the other two cases. One of my infections came in conjunction with the flu (boy, was I looking pretty then), the other just because I touch my eyes. A lot.

Pink eye is definitely not the worst thing in the world -- I'll take it over a stomach virus any day. But, we're back to doing eye drops three times a day, Purell-ing our hands like crazy, and praying that no one else gets it (particularly Josh, because he's just DRAMA when it comes to medication -- I'm sure eyedrops would just be a treat).

And...because I've become somewhat of a professional with regard to eyedrop administration (ironic, isn't it Lori?), I'll post a few tips for those of you who have not yet had the enviable job of giving eye drops to a preschooler:

I always have my daughter lay down on her back, with her head in my lap. Drop the liquid into the inside corner of her eye and turn her head slightly so the drop rolls into the eye. Or, if you are able to pull the inside corner of her eye down a little to make a pocket, you could attempt to drop the liquid in that way. Make sure you have a tissue handy to wipe up any misses. You'll also want to have your child keep her eye closed for a few seconds after you get the drop in.

So, there you have it -- always happy to help.

By the way, my eyes are fine for the time being. But I'll tell you, purposely trying not to touch them makes me want to touch them all the more. Every now and then I'll swear my vision is getting cloudy or my eye is a little itchy.

The power of suggestion. It's a crazy thing.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm . . . Josh . . . DRAMA when it comes to medication?!?! I just WONDER where he gets it???

Just don't share any pink-eye blankets and all will be well.

Michelle@Life with Three said...

The apple truly doesn't fall far, does it??? :)

carrie said...

I can understand your frustration with pink eye, but you are right -- it is waaaaay better than the stomach flu, especially x three! :)

Kristen said...

No way! Again? I had a rather nasty bout with pinkeye recently and that disease ALWAYS reminds me of you and that blanket in college! Here's hoping it's an isolated case. (love the photo btw.)