Thursday, April 17, 2008

What to Wear on an Airplane

My parents are leaving next Thursday on a two-week European vacation. My mom has been very busy of late, running around doing all the things you do before a trip like that, including purchasing some new clothing for occassion. I was on the phone with her yesterday and we were discussing her recent purchases. The conversation went something like this:

"I got this great raincoat for 75% off. And, I also picked up a black sweat suit for the flight."
"I'm sorry, you picked up a what for the flight?"
"A black sweat suit."
"You're not really going to wear that on the plane, are you?"
"Michelle, it's a 10-hour flight."

Now, I love my mom. She has excellent taste, but I've got to take this opportunity to espouse my opinion on travel attire. If you board a plane in anything vaugely resembling pajamas, you have crossed the line, my friend. Sweat suits (even the ones especially the ones with "juicy" emblazoned across the bottom) are never appropriate in-flight attire.

Now, lest you go thinking that comfort is not a priority for me, there are plenty of comfortable travel options that will have you looking well-rested and put together upon landing. Not to mention the fact that you stand a much better chance of being upgraded to first class when you wear something a little more polished versus something that looks like you just rolled out of bed.

If you are fortunate enough to have an upcoming trip planned, here's what I would suggest:

* Consider fabrics that have a little stretch in them. The "stretch" is for comfort, while also ensuring you don't look like a wrinkled mess when you arrive wherever you're going. Trouser jeans in a dark wash with a hint of lycra would be perfect here. These are from J. Crew:

* Think layers -- Airplanes are notorious for wide temperature shifts. Start with a comfortable basic tee. Target always has some great options, like this:

* Top the t-shirt with a bright-colored cardigan. The cardigan is a great layer because it's lightweight. You can easily stash it in your carry-on bag if you don't need it or even use it as a pillow in a pinch. Here's another Target option:

* Wear flat, comfortable slip-on shoes. Note that I did not say flip-flops. Flip flops are not going to do you any favors in an emergency situation. And, if you have my luck, your gate will always be the one furthest from baggage claim. That usually means you're in for a bit of a hike.

* If you're looking to invest in a new wardrobe piece for your trip, consider investing in an a pashmina. You don't have to go super expensive, but for about $60, you'll have a quality piece that will work as a scarf, a shawl, or a blanket (do you really want to use the airline issued blankets, anyway?) If you have kids, you can get something similar in a more washable fabric.

* Depending on the weather when you land, you'll want to bring a coat. A short trench like this one would also be a good investment that you could wear regularly, even after you return home.

* Finally, carry all your in-flight essentials in a great bag. Here's another winner from Tar-jay. You gotta love that store.

There you have it. Those are my tips for stylish travel. Now go ask for that upgrade.
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Darla said...

That bag is a must whether you are traveling or not!

mah-meeee said...

love tar-jay! great post on dressing for travel. however i must admit i'm one of those offenders that wear juicy & flip flops on board. i will definitely try to get out of that frump next time i travel! thanks for the tip!

Valarie said...

I love Tar-jay. :) I also love those pants. These are great fashion tips!

Mackenzies Momma said...

I haven't traveled in forever but am possibly planning a trip, in August. I will make note of these tips and pull them out then!

PhotoChick said...

The only time I ever went on a plane, I wore some super-cute, comfy pink pants. They were awesome! I had layered shirts with them, and I really liked it. Great suggestions! Happy FFF!