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I Know it Sounds Crazy: Using NAET to treat eczema

My daughter Jillian has been struggling with eczema since she was 2 months old. And when I say eczema, I'm not talking about a few dry patches here and there. Her arms and legs are covered with it. Recently, it's moved to her eyelids.

In the past five and half years, I think I 've done enough research on eczema and skin to write a thesis. I've gone the standard medical route. I've used Eucerin and Aquaphor. I've applied steroid cream. I've given her Zyrtec religiously from 15 months old. Nothing changed.

So, I looked into other options. We saw the chief of pediatric allergy at a local children's hospital. I kept food diaries. She was allergy tested three times. Nothing ever came back positive except for one slight allergy to dog. The allergist told me that the Zyrtec and cortisone would be a long-term treatment. In the meantime, I could take comfort in the fact that she might grow out of it and her case was really not as severe as I thought it was.

I went back home. Did more research. I joined discussion boards. I prayed. I looked into nutritional supplementation. I dumped the petroleum based creams and switched to olive oil based creams. I began using evening primrose oil to treat the itching. I gave her cod liver oil and flax seed oil daily in effort to provide her body with the "essential fatty acids" her skin needs.

I would see improvement, and then for no reason at all, the eczema would flare up again. That's where we are now. Five and a half years later and I have no more answers than when I first started.

One of the things that surprised me most about motherhood is how horrible it feels to not be able to help your hurting child. I am desperate for an answer. Which brings me to the latest and greatest that I've been looking into: NAET treatments.

NAET stands for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques. Here's what the website says:

"a non-invasive, drug free, natural solution to eliminate allergies of all types and intensities using a blend of selective energy balancing, testing and treatment procedures from acupuncture/acupressure, allopathy, chiropractic, nutritional, and kinesiological disciplines of medicine."

That's about as clear as mud, right?

The technique claims that through muscle testing and acupressure, you can identify allergies and then desensitize the body to the identified allergens so that they no longer cause problems. Ever.

I know, it sounds too good to be true.

NAET can be used to treat everything from depression to autism. The practitioner that I found claims she has almost "cleared" her daughter of autism. That's a pretty bold assertion. She says that it's taken a year and a half of treatments, but her daughter is now in a class with children her own age and reading above grade level. According to her, NAET is just beginning to get some "mainstream" press. Oprah is supposedly working on an episode that will feature NAET and Dr. Oz sometime in the coming year.

My husband (ever the practical, scientific type) thinks it sounds nuts. And I'll agree that I do tend to be somewhat of an "easy sell" when it comes to these things. But, on the other hand, when I step back and look at the "solutions" provided by modern medicine -- giving your child an antihistamine and steroid cream every day of her life from 15 months old -- that sounds pretty darn crazy, too.

Taking Jillian to these treatments will not be easy. The nearest practitioner is nearly two hours away and I have to take her twice a week to start. But, based on the research I've done, coupled with the first-hand experience of friends, I'm going to give it a shot. And, while I have no intention of turning this blog into a blog about allergy and eczema, I will post occasionally about our experience with the treatment in the hopes that it might help someone else out there looking for answers. Friday will be our first official treatment, during which Jillian will be cleared for egg. She will have to avoid egg, chicken, feathers and all egg derivatives for 25 hours following the treatment to ensure that the treatment "takes."

So, interpeeps -- what say you? Has anyone out there had any experience with NAET -- positive or negative? Do you think it sounds crazy? I 'd love to hear from you if you'd be so kind as to leave a comment.


mah-meeee said...

i have never heard of NAET. but i can understand why you want to give it a try. 5 and half years of constant search for eczema treatment and nothing worked is a really long time. your poor daugher has to suffer through the dry patches and the itch. i would do the same thing too.

as you probably remember court, my baby has terrible eczema as well. so far, aquaphore three to four times a day seems to keep it under control. but like you mentioned, some days are worse than others - with no rhyme or reason.

your daughter will be in our thoughts and prayers. i hope she finds something that works soon.

hang in there and keep us updated!

Domestic Spaz said...

I haven't heard of it either but hon, anything that might work is worth it. I hope it helps, please keep us updated!

Domestic Spaz said...


Anonymous said...

I've heard of NAET. A friend of mine used it with great success, but I remember it was very time consuming and expensive.

I have had success with other alternative treatments. We used homeopathy to successfully treat our children's asthma and our daughter's constipation. We used craiosacral therapy to stop my son sucking his fingers. When therapies have been around for hundreds of years, I think there must be something to them. Maybe not a cure-all, but it can't hurt.

When your kid is hurting and conventional medicine isn't working, I think looking elsewhere is just what a good mom does!

emily said...

I have no experience with NAET, but have had experience with just accupuncture treatment (non-allergy realted). I agree with the previous comment - if the practice has been around for hundreds of years, there must be something about it that works, even if not 100% of the time. (It is the same with conventional medicine.) So if you've given conventional medicine a shot, why not now try this?

Just Pure Lovely said...

Wondering if you tried olive oil in all that? We've found it the cure-all for nearly all of our skin ailments (we haven't had experience with eczema). My kids have sensitive skin and had bad cradle cap, so it's been a wonder for us.

EVOO (extra virgin) is what we always use, just from the grocery. It's an inexpensive try anyway! And if nothing else, you can cook with the oil you bought. :)

Anonymous said...

My 9 month-old daughter just had her 3rd NAET treatment this week by a practitioner in the Houston area. She has had an allergy to milk since 6 weeks old. Since her first NAET treatment (actually clearing for calcium)3 weeks ago, she has been completely symptom-free with no blood on her diaper. I was amazed. Through testing, she is allergic to every food group, with the exception of avocado and banana. Everything else, I discovered through experience, would cause flaming diaper rashes, eczema, and/or hives. She has now successfully cleared for milk, eggs, and starches. Vit A group (including green/yellow fruits and vegetables) she spontaneously cleared on her own. Severe eczema usually has a food allergy component to it. I am amazed by the NAET treatments, and my family thinks it is a little hocus-pocus, but all I know is that it is working. I think it is definitely worth a try. Good luck.

heather said...

Fascinating! A friend was asking me about this and what the spiritual implications might be. I told her I'd look into it, but hadn't had the chance. I'll direct her here, her son has severe eczema too!

Anonymous said...

My friend just started her daughter (18mos old) on Naet treatment and can now eat strawberries w/out having sever allergic reactions. So... my 15mos old son has eczema pretty bad; he's allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soy... etc. I just started the treatments this week, but would love to hear mroe about your experience. he came out allergic to all the first 15 allergnes (go figure) but the practitioner goes to my church, so I feel I can trust her.

Rajesh said...

My 3yr old now has excema since 3 months.We did Naet for almost 7-8 months. Did not help....she sleared her for egg 3 times but she is still allergic and throws up.
She cleared her for more then 15 -20 things and tried combunations too...but did not help much and do any big difference.
We felt it was a waste of time and money


Anonymous said...

Your story sounds exactly like mine. My daughter also has horrible eczema. She has had it on her eyelids for over a year, now it has also moved up to her forehead. The nape of her head is almost always oozing and infected. I have been to every type of Dr. and they have given me every type of cream out there. Nothing works. It's terrible, as you know. We have just begun NAET, and I was wondering how your treatment was going. I haven't noticed any changes yet. Thanks and Good Luck!

Avery said...

My girlfriend (now wife) introduced my to NAET in 2002. Within a few treatments the eczema I'd had on my hands for years disappeared - completely. Prior to the treatments I had very dry and oozing hands. Not pretty and plenty painful. I was totally free of eczema for 6+ years (and singing the praises of it to anyone that would listen). Last year I started noticing some eczema returning and it's become more regular now to the point I need to return to have the treatments again. But, if this is what I need to do to be clear - get treatments every 5+ years - I'll do it for as long as I have to.

Tara said...

I have committed myself to screaming from the mountaintops, "TRY NAET!!"

My daughter, age 2 1/2, had SEVERE eczema since 18 months. The rash covered 100% of her body, and she scratched herself literally constantly. I couldn't go anywhere with her, as she would scratch herself to a bloody pulp while we drove. I was trapped in my home, and I spent my days keeping her from scratching.

We also tried everything, and I hear you about being able to write a thesis! We tried creams, diet eliminations, cleanses, eventually steroids, and nothing worked. Nothing. We were at the end of our rope. Our lives were at the breaking point. And then...

A relative made an appointment for us with a ND who practiced NAET. I was totally skeptical. We had already been down that road, and spent so much money on all avenues. We reluctantly went, and saw enough improvement within one treatment that we went again, and again.

Our daughter is not at 100%, but at least we can live our lives like a "normal" family. She no longer scratches herself bloody. Her skin looks a million times better. We have seen about a 90% improvement.

It is a little tricky to follow the 25 hours of avoiding certain substances, but if your child is suffering with constant scratching, the diet stuff seems like no big deal.

I give thanks for NAET. We have a happy little girl, and I am eternally grateful.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by googling eczema and naet. I am a 38 year old mother of 7 who has suffered for all my life with eczema. I was supposed to grow out of it by 21, but mine got worse and worse as I entered adulthood. I think stress, and multiple pregnancies have contributed. I gothrough peaks and valleys but I always have an outbreak somewhere. Recently, I had it so badly that I had to go to my mother's to rest and heal.

I also have tried many, many alternative treatments for the past 15 years. Our diet is very wholistic. Thankfully, our seven children have benefitted greatly from our dietary changes, however, I have 2 that suffer with eczema as well. I do believe it is an allergic response, but eliminating foods has not solved the problem as I now believe we are allergic to so many foods and components of foods.

I began NAET treatments a couple of months ago after doing a 2 week fresh juice fast with no symptom relief. I found a blog about NAET and found (unbelievably) a practitioner who was a friend of mine. I knew she was an ND, but did not know about the NAET, and she didn't know of my struggles with allergies!! I felt I could try the treatments with the assurance that AT LEAST she was sincere. (I have had so many disappointments over the years with products and practitioners that seem to just take your money and run!!)

I too was allergic to all 15 basic components and have to clear them all. I have completed salt which is about number 10. I have not experienced symptom relief yet, but I am hopeful. If this works for me, I will have my children treated, and pursue an ND and subsequent NAET training!

I look forward to hearing about your treatment, and will pray that you have success. It is a very humbling thing to have a condition or children with a condition which you cannot do anything about. I will personally continue to pursue a remedy for my family!! Thank you for addressing this issue on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I have used NAET for general wellbeing. With a history of breast cancer I had struggled with lymphedema. After my first treatment, I had notable results.

More recently, my son had 2 anaphylactic reactions to tomatos. He loves tomatos and this came out of the clear blue. In two days and 6 treatments, my son is enjoying spaghetti, tomatos and ketchup in his fries. He's only 8 years old!!!

Anonymous said...

After reading all these comments I felt a little relief thinking I am not the only mother who expereinces similar pain. Motherhood pain that you are just helpess with your hurting baby. I have a 11 month old baby who had been suffereing from severe eczema from 3 months..She is allergic to Peanuts and egg whites. I don't remember when was the last time I slept peacefully for a continuous 3 hrs. I know of a friend who goes through the same expereince and she startd NAET treatment just recently. She is done with 8 sittings and she has started seeing some positive changes..His baby is not itchy as he was before from his eczema. She said she can peacefully sleep in the night now after a long time . I am conivinced enough and I am starting NAET for my baby. I am willing to take any pains just to save my baby from these painful itchiness. I blame it on this country for infesting our kids with Eczema and allergies..We are drinking posinous water..we are eating food that is injected with hormones and antibiotics...This industrialized markets is killing our families and children..I wish we all mothers could come forward to stop these greedy food markets or whatever that causing these sufferings to our kids

Lisa Reynoso said...

Wow! I've got a 6 month old baby who's been suffering from eczema since he was about a month old. It started just on his face, and has spread gradually over his body until just his hands, feet, and a few (rapidly shrinking) patches of good skin are left here and there. Poor thing! He's getting more adept at scratching every day, and last night I caught him scratching in his sleep. Whenever I change his diaper, he scratches with his feet behind his knees. I have to keep socks on him or his toenails will make deep scratches in his skin (and if I cut them short enough to avoid that, they get ingrown and infected). I have to keep pants on him all the time, even with the heat, otherwise he'll rub the back of his knees raw even with socks on! When I push his shirt up to change his diaper, his hands start scratching his tummy. I have been going to a naturopath, giving him remedies, tested him, have eliminated everything from my diet that tested positive... It's time to try NAET! I just need to convince my husband to let me try it. If I go to an acupuncturist, insurance will pay for all but the $10 copay. Not bad! It's so hard watching him scratch, and neither my husband nor I are sleeping well... I really hope this works, because I don't even want to think about steroids... .5% hydrocortisone cream is bad enough, even as sparingly as I use it!

Anonymous said...

My daughter has eczema since she was 3 months old, she is 9 months old now and her eczema is getting worse. It is all over her body except her back and chest. We started NAET 2 weeks ago and so far nothing has changed. I still hope for some improvement in the next sessions. The NAET doctor i'm going to seems to be totally convinced that the NAET technique works. I hope he is right.

Anonymous said...

After 3 pesticide poisonings, one formaldehyde poisoning and working in an office full of toxic mold all within a 12 month period, I got very sick. I spent my first year sleeping 18+ hours per day. I was too fatigued to sit up.
My sister told me about NAET and found the only practitioner here. The morning after the second treatment, everything changed. I got my life back.I went every week for almost 2 years. I am not cured and only go for 'tune-up' treatments here and there.
The funniest thing is that my practitioner, a Chinese Accupuncturist, is a very skeptical man. After every treatment we would laugh out loud. We were always amazed that this strange molecular communication could work such wonders.
My husband, his mom, my daughter, sister, cousin, and many friends all ended up going for different ailments and all had great results.
Finding the right practitioner is key. I was lucky as I was my Dr.'s second NAET patient and his first with Environmental Illness.
Be Well- Connie, Jacksonville FL

workoutatwork said...

Has any one tried NAET for ear infection and retracted ear drum- my son's ear drum is severly retracted with loss of elasticity. What kind of vials should a practitioner use

Anonymous said...

Hi there, noticed you're not blogging recently so hoping you're still seeing this... just wondering if NAET helped your little one in the end or how the eczema's going? I have 2 DDs and both with eczema- a 3yr old and 15 wk old. Both having NAET, 3 yr old been having it for over a year and i'm getting disillusioned. Just wondering what your experiences have been. Thank you x

Anonymous said...

We are in the process of NAET for our 3 kids with a dairy allergy. Can you give an update on your NAET experience?

Erin said...

NAET works for me and my 9 month old with eczema. We can now both have dairy!!!

Anonymous said...


My heart goes out to all the moms out there who have itchy kids. I am a mother of four boys, all with an auto-immune disease. Two of my kids (identical twins) have type 1 diabetes. You would think that the diabetes poses the greatest health challenge. In our family, the diabetes is a challenge but it's manageble. We struggle daily with our nine year old's severe food and envirnmental allergies, which is the trigger and cause for his eczema and asthma.

At the urging of a friend, I had my son allergy tested at 17 months. The test came back positive for everything he was tested for (about 50 items).

We've tried numerous meds and treatments (too many for me to list). I have found NAET to be the most effective treatment for food allergies. We have seen amazing results and my son has been able to eat many more varieties of foods. He went from eating beef, rice and squash for two years straight to being able to eat fruits, vegetables, and grains. We still have a long way to go with his food allergies as he was never desensitized of his allergy to milk, nuts and seafood. Nevertheless, we are so thankful to have found this treatment and I would highly recommend it. Yes--it is costly and even inconvenient if you don't live near an NAET practitioner. In our case, we drove an hour each way to see our first NAET practitioner for over a year. We started seeing results after three months.

My son still struggles with eczema and I believe he is even allergic to his own sweat. Whenever he gets hot, there's no way for me to prevent him from itching and digging into his skin. He's at an age now where he cares about his appearance so it's hard for me to see him ashamed of the way he looks due to the redness and puffiness from his eczema. I wish I knew how to help him with his eczema. We tried NAET for about 3 years in total with great success. We stopped treatments due to financial reasons. When I look back at the times my son went for his NAET treatments, those were the days his immune system seemed the strongest and his skin in the best condition.

We will likely resume NAET again. I have not found any other treatments that have worked or have made an impact.

Suggestion: Don't just pick a practitoner off the naet website. Compare and assess the level of training the naet practioner has received and find out how long he/she has been practicing. Not all naet practioners are the same. If your child has severe reactions (analyphilatic), I would be very careful about introducing foods that have been "cleared or desensitized." Just because a practitioner says it's safe to try a problem food, that doesn't mean it is. They are not the ones that have to deal with the aftermath.

Hang in there and keep looking until you find a cure or a solution for your child. That's our mission as moms.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...


Khyati said...

Hey Michelle, Did you finally go for Naet?

can anyone tell me what should I use for comparison? I have recently moved to Mumbai, India and here I can see only 1 practitioner so have no idea if she is right. My daughter was born with eczema. Back in the US all she was given was Atarax and hydrocortison. But I do not want to worsen her system by making her an addict. She is 4 and a half now and the condition is getting worst. While in India I have tried Ayurveda and Homeopathy too, but I am not sure if they work because they take a long time to work. I do not have any more patience, cannot see her scratching and peeling her skin whole day and night.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

Lily's mom said...

I too, have 4year old daughter who scratches herself bloody daily.She has had issues since she was 6 months old. We have tried EVERYTHING....cortisone, aquaphor, Eucerin,etc.She is on Zyrtec in the am, Benadryl during the day and Attatax at night. She has tested positive as allergic to dust mites, mold, egg and soy. Then we went to essential oils, Emu oil, olive oil, probiotics, evening primrose and $1000K worth of ALCAT testing. Now we just came from our 1st NAET appointment. It was the strangest experience, as the therapy was done on me and I acted as her "surrogate" by touching her. It seems so "out there", but I have had several families testify to the results, so I am trying to keep an open mind. Our 1st visit was $130 and each visit after will be $65. Money is tight right now, and I hate to waste it on something that isn't going to work, but we are desparate. She suffers immensely and this condition definetly affects her quality of life.This is a last resort, if this doesn't work, Dr. agreed to start allergy shots at age 5. Will keep you all posted!

NAET Testimonials said...

If it can really treat that stuff I think that will be so great. It just shows how amazing NAET is. How I wish I can undergo in that kind of treatment.

Bina K said...

Hi Michele: Just wondering whether NAET helped with eczema? I have started my son on NAET and would appreciate any information/guidance from you. Thanks much!
Bina K

Jennifer said...

Hi - So, what was the final outcome? We tried it with our son, who also had eczema since infancy, and we really didn't see any changes. We did determine that food was triggering his eczema on our own, as well as detergents, and heat.

I hope your child has grown out of the eczema by now or you've found the triggers. It's certainly no fun for a child or the parents to deal with.


Anonymous said...

I went to a NAET practitioner and walked into a house with THREE Cats. This lady is Marlene in Toronto. She didn't tell me ahead of time - and I had a really strong reaction to them. She justified it by saying her last clinic was near a restaurant and you could smell food there. There is something wrong with this whole line of thinking

Anonymous said...

After all, did you have success with Marlene? We just treated LO for eggs.

Anonymous said...

10 to 15 colonics in 30 days! Forgot to mention that.

Khyati said...

I has posted on sep 27 2011. Now today after 1.5 years of NAET treatment for both my kids, I am on track. She can eat almost everything, very little scratching, she is not able to cope with Walnuts yet, but that is not much important. My son does wonderful in the pool in summer, he was severely allergic to sun rays and water. After naet, we went to Thailand for a beach holiday and not a single rash. I guess if you get a good practitioner you may be able to get better. My heart is with all the parents out there struggling to get the best for their kids, do not loose hope, there is light after this dark tunnel.

Anonymous said...

I just wrote a book and it didn't save it. I research cures and getting different health specialist working together as a team. I work for the patients! So again I suggest get a natural Check for heavy metal toxicities by blood sample and hair analysis. Chelation therapy by mouth or intravenous. If your colon is intact do 10 to 15 colonics;hydrotherapy in 30 days. Before you do your last colonic do a liver gal bladder cleanse google it should have; potatoes,epsom salt, grapefriut, olive oil. Then next morning do the last colonic. Google this info. My sons have small patches of eczema, I use neosporin eczema cream worked great. Good Luck. My boys are 1 and 8.

Alison D. said...

I just wanted to say thank you for this blog post. I found it a year ago when I was researching treatments for my son's eczema. NAET has changed our lives!!! I didn't plan to get treated, but the practitioner thought she could help me with my chronic fatigue (NAET cured hers). She was right. I've had about 50 treatments and haven't felt this good in over a decade. I'm thrilled. We moved away, and the results have lasted for over 6 months so far.

My son's personality changed with NAET. He was a fussy, difficult baby and became sweet and much easier. His eczema definitely improved too, though it's unfortunately still an issue. NAET has been the most helpful thing for his eczema so far. We are going to start another round of treatments soon during a family visit, and I hope to see more improvement with his eczema.

Our practitioner is Rachel Guinn of Natural Health & Allergy in Houston, TX. I've seen a couple of others, and she's the best by far. NAET practitioners seem to vary a lot, and I think that could account for the mixed stories on the technique's efficacy.

I've recently come across AAT too and have dabbled in that, since there's a practitioner in our new city. I haven't tried it for long enough yet to know if it's as effective for us, but it's worth a shot.

I hope you've found relief for Jillian! I know how hard it is to watch your child suffer. :(

Anonymous said...

NAET helped my son and myself. Before NAET I would end up in the ER several times a year with rapid heart palpitations. The doctors had no idea what caused them so they would always diagnose them has a result of anxiety. They were totally wrong. They resulted from food allergies. I have had treatments for numerous allergies and I no longer have them. My son had mostly emotional treatment which helped him considerably. The key is finding a GOOD EXPERIENCED PRACTIONER. Apparently those of you who haven't been cured have not found one. As in any profession, you will those who are terrific in their field and those who don't have no clue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

We're in Houston also. How did NAET end up working for your daughter?

Anonymous said...

We have used NAET on ourselves and our children and have FREEDOM from chronic issues!! so glad you are doing this for your daughter. It's non-invasive and allows the body to heal itself

Anonymous said...

We did naet as well for my 13 month old son! He's doing a lot better but the ezcema is still there. Also the major allergens come back sometimes in babies so they have to get checked a lot!

Anonymous said...

NAET mumbai worked for a friend. I am going to try it too

Connie Meave said...

Help! 7 year old granddaughter has asthma. Worst attack ever this month. 3 ER visits with one overnight. Tons of steroids and now maintenance steroid. Can anyone refer a NAET person they used with personal success in Houston, Tx?

Nikki said...

I am doing NAET for fatigue and have finished the basic 15. Do you know which ones helped most with your fatigue? Also can you tell me what AAT is? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey connie meave there is a naet practioner in your area. Read post June 18 2013 by alison d. I just read her post and thn happened to read yours. She recommends Rachel Guinn. I am reading this thread to help my neice. Good lock to all!

Anonymous said...

NAET works! I can't believe it, but it does. I was tired, itchy eyes, congested since moving to Florida from dry Colorado, and now I can go outside and feel fine. I am allergic to all the molds and pollens in Florida I believe. But after going to NAET, I am great. It is so worth a try! Go to NAET website and find a doctor. Others I have told, and they went, call me an angel. Mainstream doctors don't want people to know about this, however my relative is a medical doctor (family practice), and found out about this, and uses it on her patients, with great success often.

Unknown said...

Hi can i know if your daughter is completely well now and no more suffering from eczema? How many naet sessions did she have to take?

Denise Burks said...

How is your daughter doing ? Thinking about NAET for my chronically ill 17 year old daughter. Denise Burks suburbs of chicago

Anonymous said...

I suffered from age 16 til 2009 (age 33) from pain in my body...all over. Doctors told me I had fibromyalgia. I had NAET treatment that showed I was not absorbing potassium, magnesium one of the vitamin B's and a couple other things I can't remember right now ! My practitioner told me to eat clean, that our bodies can't recognize the man made substances in our food. She said if I did this, the NAET treatments should hold indefinitely. It is 2016 now and I am still pain free. My daughter is suffering with allergies now and I do not hesitate to try this for her. It's not a treatment of symptoms, it is a retraining of the body that solved my problems. So it absolutely works! I was so skeptical but not anymore!

Karen Marrow said...

NAET I believe saved my daughter's life. After she was hospitalized with acute psychosis, severe depression, and suicical thoughts last year (she was 18 at the time), I found out she was allergic to many things, including the medication she was taking for these conditions.

I found a certified (make sure they are certified) NAET practitioner and we began going twice a week and then every week for a year. We were able to gradually wean her off her medications and I am happy to say she is now a NORMAL 19 year old, going to community college, holding down a job, and studying to become a nurse. It had been a very rough road, but I am convinced if I had not taken her to a NAET practicioner, we would still be dealing with mental health issues and visiting psychiatrists that only believe in a lifetime of increasing medication. I think God for Dr. Devi and can never repay her for giving me my daughter back.

She now is happy and is planning her future and 1 year ago today, so did not want to live. The worst thing someone can have is a closed mind. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being treated through NAET. Not only can allergies and sensitivities cause physical problems of all sorts, but mental problems as well. I contribute regularly to the NAET research foundation for autism. It has had great success and I look forward to helping with other research that will prove how effective this treatment is for absolutely all ailments.

Anonymous said...

Hi khyati,
Is your daughter eczema free now? What does help her?
I am also facing same situation as yours. Mr daughter was born in us and we have moved back to India when she was three in a hope to cure her eczema. She is 9 now and still has severe eczema.

Anonymous said...

Hi khyati,
Is your daughter eczema free now? What does help her?
I am also facing same situation as yours. Mr daughter was born in us and we have moved back to India when she was three in a hope to cure her eczema. She is 9 now and still has severe eczema.

Khyati Shah said...

Hi, yes my daughter is eczema free. She is 9 now and sleeps sound. She must have undergone at least 30 naet sittings. Walnut allergy still persists but does is hardly a matter of concern. On the other hand my son who is not doing so well, but we have only completed may be 6 NAET sittings for him. He was perfectly fine until last rains.

NS said...

Dear Khyati,

I was going through your chain of comments. My 5 month old son also has Eczema since the past 3 months now. I recently heard about this line of treatment. Can you share the details of the NAET practitioner in Mumbai that you went to.



Laura Davis said...

When I read this story I realized just how similar it was to my eczema.
I was so desperate that I tried every thick, smelly cream and goopy ointment I could get my hands on. Nothing really worked permanently and the eczema always came back.
I knew that there had to be another way. I searched long and hard and finally came across some simple natural remedies that finally made my embarrassing eczema disappear for the amazement of my doctor.

In fact, you might want to check out this article, it really helped me a lot:

Hope it helps anyone reading this!

Anonymous said...

Hi khyati, which practitioner your daughter was seeing in Mumbai?

Sumitha K said...

Hi Khyati, how is your daughter now? Did NAET work for her?

Unknown said...

Thanks For sharing the information regarding eczema treatment.
It is really important for us!
Thank You!

Khyati Shah said...

Hi Sumitha and Ns,
Apologize for delayed reply. Yes the treatment seemed to have work for my children. Walnut and peanut are still an issue but not as grave. There is this Dr. A Dhillon in Mulund who had helped me with this. You can get her details from Naet website as well. I hope this helps.


Sophia Parker said...

Eczema can be severe if you won't get proper eczema treatment before time. This post is really helpful. I am going to refer one of my friends who is suffering from the same.

Linnea Anniston said...

Thanks for Posting ! first time I have found a genuine post related to Eczema Treatment.