Thursday, June 12, 2008

How to Care for Your Swimsuit

I've mentioned before that Sister Honey Bunch helped me find a swimsuit this year. Because of this Fight the Frump post I was able to find the perfect suit for me.

Let me say that again. I actually found a swimsuit that I like. On me.

Finding a bathing suit that actually fits all of my criteria is akin to me winning the lottery. Back in the days of my youth, I wasn't so picky. But, then I went and had three kids.

That changes things.

A lot of things, if you get my drift.

I need a swimsuit that makes "The Girls" look like they haven't nursed three babies. I need tummy coverage. I need a suit that affords me freedom of movement, because very often I'm picking up toys, bending over to pick up children, etc. I can't have things riding up and/or falling down. So, this suit is a winner on all accounts. Here it is in all its glory:

Because it is so hard to find a bathing suit that I feel comfortable in, and because bathing suits cost a small fortune, I'd like this one to last forever a few years. So, I did a little research on swimsuit care. Here's the best way to care for your swimsuit and ensure you get the most wear for your buck.

1. Rinse the swimsuit with tap water after swimming and hand wash with a mild detergent in cold or warm water after every wear. (Just rinsing your suit will not remove all the chlorine and/or salt.)

2. After washing, roll the swimsuit in a towel to absorb extra water. Then lay it flat to air dry indoors. Laying your suit out to dry in the sun with discolor and toughen the fabric. Never wring it out or put it in the dryer. Never.

3. Only store your suit when it is completely dry (storing it slightly damp will affect the color).

4. Skip the hot tub. Chemicals and high water temps will do your suit no favors long term.

5. Take care with tanning oils and sunscreens. Some of them can stain. Others can deteriorate the elastic in your swimsuit. To prevent this, be sure to wash your swimsuit in warm water with a mild detergent.

6. You can machine wash your suit on a gentle cycle after every three or four wears. This will help remove a lot more of the chlorine, sand, salt and sweat than can be removed by hand washing. Just be sure to put your swimsuit in a mesh lingerie bag while laundering.

7. Before storing your swimsuit for next season, wash it in a washing machine as outlined above. Residual chlorine and/or salt can deteriorate the suit over time.

8. Try to always place a towel beneath you if you're going to sit on the side of the pool. Rough surfaces can snag, pull or tear the fabric.

9. Consider buying two suits if you're planning on being in the water frequently, as it will take a bathing suit a good day to completely dry and return to it's original shape after washing.

10. I don't really have a tenth tip. It just seemed weird to only have a list with nine. :)

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Texasholly said...

Great tips. My favorite was #10 to even things up.

I have found some seperates that work for me which gives me a more mix and match "wardrobe" for a swimming suit that I have accumulated over the last three years. It is a good thing since we seem to be seeking out pools almost daily this summer.

Anonymous said...

Love the suit! But sorry, I don't believe you need tummy coverage. Nope. I just don't buy it. Granted, I haven't seen you in person since the birth of Miss Grace, but after two babies, and even at 7 1/2 months pregnant, you looked FABulous, girl!

I also need a new suit, as it's been years since I spent a small fortune on one, and I also need more coverage than the cutesy suits I have, or the va-va-va-voom, look-at-my-girls bikini tops. They're not flattering anymore. (or were they ever?? hmmm . . . )

I spent an hour an a half at a local professional bra/swimwear fitting store/boutique, tried on half the store, and walked out with no suit. nothing. I honestly am going back to try on the other half of the store. wish me luck.

Lori H.

Threeundertwo said...

Are you telling me to sit in the hot tub nekkid?

Thanks for the tips, and I really like that suit!

mouthy_broad said...

these are great tips and everyone should appreciate your research! really--just great and useful summer info!

Darla said...

Oooh good tips on cleaning our swimsuits. After all they practically cost as much as an appliance these days.

Family O'Foxes said...

good tips!
I don't do the swimsuit thing...but my kids do. I don't put theirs in the dryer either. They swim every day in the summer.

mah-meeee said...

great tips on swimsuit care! i am the worse at offending the towel on the side of the pool deal. i have ruin many suits that way... thanks for the reminder!

Tassi said...

Great ideas. I need to go shopping for one!

Have a good weekend!

Anjie said...

I still haven't been able to bring myself to look for a new suit this when/if I do...I will heed all of your advice. I'm even bookmarking the post!
Thanks...and thanks for commenting on my FTF post!

Karla Porter Archer said...

great tips!

I'm definitely a buy them separate suit buyer. My top and bottom are different sizes.


Unknown said...

Great post and Congrats on a new (and flattering suit!)!

I think that suit is very fun!

Rachel said...

That suit is absolutely darling.

Anonymous said...

What? No hot tub?! I love that suit. Where did you find it? I might have to give it a tryon.

whymommy said...

Oooh, what a pretty suit. I love the mix of daring and covered. said...

You found a suit!! I'm extremely jealous. My suits are icky right now. But my main issues aren't where the suit covers, but my thighs and I've yet to find a suit (other than ones from 1932) that cover my thighs...

The "I love you Forever" book kills me. I purposely DIDN'T buy it because I was bawling in the book store. I cry just thinking about it...

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

These are great tips. I absolutely love that suit. You did good!

Anonymous said...

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