Monday, October 13, 2008

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried

Each fall I volunteer at a local baby consignment sale. The sale has grown dramatically over the last six years, and I can find tons of great deals on kids clothing and baby gear.

When you've got three kids, you're kind of all about the deal.

The reason I volunteer, is I get to shop first (before consigners and the general public), which is an even sweeter deal.

So, before I headed to the sale a few weeks ago, I called my sister to see if I could pick up anything for her kids. She had mentioned that 3-year-old Ashley was really into Barbie these days and that if I happened to stumble across a Barbie doll or two, that would be great.

I get to the sale and spot one Barbie. She's brand new, in the box, and comes with her dog. Ashley is a huge animal lover, so it's a win-win on two counts. I buy the doll and when we give it to my niece, my daughter pipes up, "Ash, when you feed the dog his food, he poops it out."

Um, what?

Jillian explains that she was looking at the back of the box and Barbie's dog most definitely goes poo poo.

I couldn't believe this would be the case -- but upon closer inspection, it appears this is, in fact, very much the case. Check it out: You lift the dog's tail to open its mouth and insert brown food pellet.

You push the tail down and the pellet comes out the other end.

And, to top it all off, Barbie uses the included pooper scooper to clean up the mess.

Because she's responsible like that.

I've gotta say, I was a little shocked.

I kept trying to picture the Mattel "idea meeting." A bunch of high-powered execs sitting around a table trying to dream up the next best-selling Barbie. Ideas are being thrown around and then someone says, "You know what girls today need to learn? Responsible pet management. How about a Barbie that picks up her dog's poop?"

The unanimous response seals the deal. The execs think it's a great idea, and Pooper Scooper Barbie is born.

Crazy, but probably true.

In Mattel's defense, Ashley thinks the whole feeding/pooping thing is just about the coolest thing in the world.

But really, I think I've pretty much seen it all now.


Joy said...

Ewww... that is kind of gross, even if it is in a plastic, wanna-be educational way!

Darcie said...

That's so funny. It reminds me of a southern comedian I once heard making fun of white trash Barbie who comes with couch potato Ken and the Dream-mobile up on blocks in front of the Dream trailer. Pooping dog sold seperately.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ken will come with a self composting toileting.

Yuck! (but my kids would love that, too).

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Your description of the high-powered execs sitting around discussing the pooping dog made me giggle. But I bet it went down just like that!

Soliloquy said...


Seriously? We're now selling poop to children?

workthatwardrobe said...

Whatever next! If only mo dog did poops liek that!

Christina Lee said...

TOO TOO funny! and OMG I volunteer every time too at those sales, for the same reasons.

Kara Lyn said...

That was great...a good laugh after a long day with my kids :) I am thankful my daughter is not into Barbie's just yet. That was all my sister and I played with, but we never had anything as fancy as that (not that I would've wanted it)! I love how you describe the execs...

Professional Album Design said...

Great post!!

mah-meeee said...

oh my goodness michelle, i MUST get one!

my ashley would so totally want to pick up the barbie dog poop too... she'd think it's cool.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That is so gross yet so funny.