Sunday, November 9, 2008

Are those sleigh bells I hear, or are we just a tad early?

Our Christmas tree is up. Lights on. Ornaments hung.

And, I've got to say, it feels a little weird.

I mean, it's November 10th.

My husband needed a project to keep the kids busy this weekend while I was in Atlanta. Jilly (5) was dead-set on putting up the Christmas tree (she's been asking to do it since October).

So, put up the tree they did.

I thought we were the only crazy family -- but turns out, we're not.

When do y'all put your trees up?

Are we the only early birds out there?


Michelle said...

Usually after my husband's birthday on December 16th! I know, I know, that's cutting it close; I think last year it was earlier, but after Thanksgiving for sure! It was nice to meet you on Saturday. I'll be stalking you now! *smile*

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Yep, you're the earliest tree-putter-upper I know! *smile

Mine goes up the day after Thanksgiving. If we travel for Thanksgiving, it usually goes up as soon as we get home.

One time long ago (before kids) we put it up before we left for Thanksgiving, so I could come home and plug it in...but like I said it's been a long time ago. long do you leave your tree up?

Kristen said...

It all started when someone invented the artificial tree.

My MIL hung lights outside this past weekend because we had nice weather and the snow is coming today. I can deal with that if you don't turn them on yet.

My 5YO has been bugging me to put up the tree (and everything else Christmasy) since before Halloween. I make him wait until after Thanksgiving. I LIKE Thanksgiving and I LOVE fall and I don't want it to be forgotten.

The tree comes down around New Year's along with anything manger or Santa related. But the red-and-white wintery stuff stays up as long as my husband will tolerate it (Jan. 15).

Threeundertwo said...

We still get a real tree, so it doesn't go up until the first week of December or so.

It's a shorter time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, so I think it's great to put up the tree any time now.

Rachel said...

I just can't do it until after Thanksgiving. Just. Can't. Do. It. :-)

there are neighbors of ours with decorations already up.. you are not alone :-)

My Word Ver is ColdB :-) LOL

Darcie said...

There must be something in that Georgia air. Have you seen Soliliquy's take on the subject?

Our tree won't go up until the weekend after Thanksgiving. Or later.

Christina Lee said...

That is soooo funny!We put it up after Thanksgiving (we get a live tree so I think it might die being put up so early :)But I could TOTALLY see something like this happen if I went out of town.

Domestic Accident said...

Oh, my. I don't put it up till Dec 1 because I can only use the "I'm going to call Santa if you don't behave" for 24 days.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

If I could get by with it, mine would be up and running right now, too. But my hubby refuses to let me even think about it until the day after Thanksgiving. This year we are traveling, so I am going to implore him to let me put it up before we leave.

notSupermum said...

My goodness, you have your tree up already?! That must be some sort of a record?

I put our christmas tree up the last weekend before Christmas week - so this year it will be on 14th December. Soon enough I think to still keep it special

MochaPrincess said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can now put my stuff up and say it's all good!!! Love it.

heather said...

Day after Thanksgiving. Did you have a good time at the get together? I was so bummed, but Elijah House can't exactly be skipped on a two-fer Saturday (you can't miss three, and I've already missed one, sigh). I'd love to hear all about it!