Sunday, November 30, 2008

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

One of my favorite new blogs is Work that Wardrobe, written by Jane (all the way over the pond in the UK). Jane never ceases to inspire me -- she has committed to not buying any new clothes for an entire year. I can't fathom how challenging that would be. Yet, everyday, with a critical eye on her wardrobe and a little creativity, she comes up with some of the cutest outfits.

All of which cost her $0.

Well, Jane is having her first Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. The challenge was to take 10 articles of clothing from your wardrobe and up to five accessories, and create a Monday to Friday wardrobe. (As I'm re-reading Jane's rules, I realize I forgot to count my shoes as part of the challenge -- but, I've already taken my pictures. So, given that I'm a SAHM and accessories don't typically feature prominently in my wardrobe, I'm going to omit the light pink pashmina and red bead necklace I included in my accessories grouping and count my two pairs of shoes as part of my five accessories. You'll just have to use your imagination and pretend that the pashmina and the necklace aren't there. :) )

With me? Alright. Here's what I came up with...

Green Boucle Jacket -- Morgan
White Tank Top -- Old Navy
Orange Hooded Tee -- Victoria's Secret
Teal Cardigan -- Gap
Brown Turtleneck -- CW
Khaki Pants -- Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans -- Banana Republic
Pink V-Neck Sweater -- Tommy Hilfiger
Brown Pants -- Gap
Jean Jacket -- French Cuff

Brown pumps -- Naturalizer
Brown flats -- Target

For my accessories (remember, I'm omitting the pink pashmina and the red bead necklace):

Ivory knit scarf -- Target

Floating Bead Necklace -- Macy's

Turquoise Necklace -- Macy's

Here are some of the outfit choices for this week:

Remember, that pink pashmina -- NOT there. :) But, I could totally add that ivory scarf for warmth.

Again, pashmina. Not there. :)

This is what I'll wear to my son's Christmas program on Tuesday night. It will be warm, but dressy enough to work.

Jane's challenge took a little thinking, but in the end it reminded me that I have more than enough in my wardrobe to outfit me for not just one week -- but several. A good lesson as our family tries to cut expenses in a challenging economic environment.

Now, go check out what everyone else chose for their Wardrobe Capsule Challenge.


Soliloquy said...

Are you KIDDING me?! I can' even "mark this as read" until I come back to it later to give my brain time to wrap itself around this post.

(too much wine - but I'll be back. promise.)

Jane said...

Michelle - I am impressed with all the planning and photography. I will now photograph mine instead of list for today's post.
I can't wait to see how you wear them.
And you get exactly what the challenge is all about - learning to live with less.
I am hoping that together we will all offer some creative tips which will help streamline our choices and make planning for the future a lot easier.
Let the challenge begin!

Christina Lee said...

looking good!I wear mostly jeans too b/c I work from home-and I have those same brown floral shoes :)

Joy said...

Love that you have pics! You are going to look cute all week!

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Ooooh, I love how you laid out all your stuff for the pix -- I think I'll try and do the same at some point this week.

Very creative, love it!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, Love what you've done!!! I like your choices way better than my own! And I LOVE your necklaces and must get some like that! Take photos of you in the stuff so we can see how you look! Karen

Vanessa said...

What a great idea! I've got to bring down my winter boxes first and see what still fits, then I should begin planning daily outfits. My husband would love this - no more shopping for me! :)

Cookie Cawthon said...

How clever are you!!! I think you did a fab job with your choices. Also a great point about the excess in our wardrobes. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I guess I don't exactly get the "challenge" . . . I suppose I'm being frugal when I wear the SAME THING every day! :) ha ha ha!!!!

mah-meeee said...

that's a great challenge! i am going to look through my closet to see if i have what it takes to do what you did!

(love that pashmina scarf, btw..)

Karen said...

Oh, wow--this looks really cool.

Jessica said...

Ok...I have to save this post too. I have to come back to it after I have given it some thought. I have considered trying this in the past. (when I get frustrated and feel like I have nothing to wear!!)
I have to ask one question.... Where did you get the red beaded necklace? I have been looking for this and haven't been able to find it anywhere!! LOL!!!

Ann said...

You are very clever..! I love those shoes.