Monday, March 24, 2008

More than you needed to know about eyebrow waxing

Here's a tip:

If you're planning on getting your eyebrows waxed -- no matter how much of a head start you'd like to get on your day -- don't be the first person in the shop. Because, my friends, they'll have nothing but time and that will not work out in your favor.

You see, when you show up at the shop at 10 a.m., the wax has not had enough time to heat up. So, spreading said wax onto your skin is akin to spreading silly putty above your eyelids. The final result is less than satisfactory. When the technician realizes this, she steps back and scans the shop. No one is waiting -- in fact no one else has even come in -- so she dusts off her tweezers, rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.

Lack of hot wax + a dearth of waiting customers = a very bad situation.

It's the perfect storm.

Thus I found myself held prisoner stuck in the shop for 15 very painful minutes of poking, pulling and pinching. As I sat there, I promised myself that a) I would work on my brows daily in the future so I would never find myself in this situation again and b) if I walk out with a permanently surprised expression due to brow overpluck, I'm never coming back.

Finally, when the last hair was yanked ripped out plucked, she handed me the mirror. The final result was thorough, without being overzealous. And, apart from the lingering burning sensation and redness that lasted the remainder of the morning, I'm no worse for the wear.

But make no mistake. I'm still counting it as a lesson learned.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Susie! (I decided to change your name since you're changing the kids' names.) I have no comments about eyebrow waxing (have you seen my eyebrows lately?!?), but I just wanted to say that this is fun, and I will try to find the time to participate and heckle as much as possible.

Mim said...

Oops, I didn't mean to be THAT anonymous. That was me who just posted...

Kristen said...

I've been considering a possible eyebrow wax. However, I am mortified at the thought of actually letting the eyebrows grow in fully before going to the wax. When I say "fully" I mean FULLY. We're talking fluffy unibrow, here. Maybe I'll stick to tweezing.